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ELBA introduces itself

What is ELBA

ELBA : E-Learning, Opportunities and Barriers for Blind and Visually impaired Students

At the Universitšt Karlsruhe (TH) blind and visually impaired students study together with their sighted fellow-students. All disciplines are open to them. The blind and partially-sighted students, and also school-pupils, receive support in the Study Centre for Visually impaired Students (SZS) .

New forms of teaching and learning are to be found on the campus. Equipped with laptops, tablet-PCs or PDAs and using the consult the glossary DUKATH radio-net students and teachers are exploring the potential of multimedia lectures. Blind and visually impaired students are thus also having real experience with the opportunities and barriers of virtual learning (Notebook-Universitšt Karlsruhe (TH) Nukath)

ELBA investigates in questionnaires, tests and learning scenarios the current teaching and learning status at the university from the point of view of visually impaired students. The experience gathered is to be documented in this homepage and is to be passed on to as many interested parties as possible.

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Information for lecturers and blind and visually impaired students

Our aim is to increase lecturers' awareness of the problems facing blind and partially-sighted students when confronted with multimedia on the one hand, and to help these students to be more open towards multimedia-assisted teaching and learning technology on the other. Barriers must be removed on both sides, and the opportunities - but also the limitations - must be recognised.

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